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The 10-Step Process

The US university application process can often be daunting for international students, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right 1-on-1 coaching, I want to take the stress and confusion out of the process so that you can focus on supporting your child academically and emotionally in their final year! Applying to US universities is a family decision, and hence I approach coaching not only with the student in mind, but the entire family as well. At College Consulting SG, you’ll be working with one dedicated coach from your family’s first session until you send your child off to their dream college!


Here's a quick overview:

1) Strategizing your academic & extracurricular profile

2) Planning SAT/ACT testing and college application timeline

3) University shortlisting (Dream / Match / Safe)

4) Strategizing university deadlines and results

5) Common Application essay (One 650-word essay) and/or UC Application essay (Four 350-word essays)

6) Individual university application essays (Ten to twenty 300-word essays)

7) Setting up & navigating university application portals (ie. Common Application & UC Application Portal)

8) Letter of recommendation guidance

9) Scholarship & financial aid guidance

10) Alumni interview preparation

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STAGE 1 - Strategising the Application

I want your child’s application to be as unique as possible, but this can only happen if we strategise their applications intelligently. So here’s a quick outline of what I like to cover in the first few weeks:

· Understanding Them – I record every single activity, award, experience and grade your child has accomplished in the past 4 years – using College Consulting SG’s online platform throughout the entire college consulting process.

· University Shortlisting – Together we strategise the universities that best match your child’s career/academic goals, based on their academic, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities and personal preferences. I want them to aim high, while also having realistic universities in their portfolio.

· Testing Timelines & Deadlines – I establish a firm timeline that considers your family’s personal schedule, the student’s academic schedule, testing dates and university application deadlines so that your child doesn’t get burned out or leave work for the last minute.


STAGE 2 - Essays, Essays & More Essays!

The average international applicant applies to 10-15 universities and is required to write an average of 20-45 essays of varying length. My job is to guide and edit each student’s essay in accordance to what the university admissions are specifically looking for, while remaining authentic to their voice. Here’s what I cover in Phase 2:

· Common Application Essay Ideation –This essay goes to almost all schools and it is not an academic essay. This essay requires a high level of writing proficiency, maturity and creativity that can satisfy all schools at once. Each student will undergo a rigorous ideation and drafting process to identify the most compelling essay.

· Supplement Essays – Each individual school will require additional essays. Here I assist students in first conducting in-depth research about their shortlisted universities, and then personalising their research in the essay to best impress admissions officers.

· Essay Editing and Finalisation – This is the student’s journey, and hence it is my job to patiently and expertly critique and edit their work until they can proudly submit it as their own.


STAGE 3 - Portals, Interviews, and Scholarships!

When applying to the US there can be a lot of confusing administrative work to complete. Helping your child with each step of the application, no matter how small, is what I focus on in Stage 3:

·              Application Portals –This can take several hours to complete and translate for international students as these portals are often biased towards the US academic system. My job is to work with students on every little detail so that nothing gets misrepresented or left incomplete.

·              Letters of Recommendation – I aid students in selecting the best 2-3 teachers required for their application and how to get them to best communicate the things that matter to US universities.

·              Scholarships & Financial Aid – This only applies to families that will struggle to finance their child’s overseas education. My job is to advise families on how to find affordable financial alternatives, should they qualify.

·              Alumni Interview Preparation –  To ace these interviews, I conduct mock interviews to recreate the experience until your child has perfected their presentation.